Get Writing – Own Composition

If you enjoy creative writing or poetry composition then why not enter our Own Composition classes. First, enter the appropriate class using the on-line entry process and pay the appropriate fee (see How to Enter if you need guidance).  Then, when your composition is ready, use the form below to send it to us.  Each poem or story must be typed, titled but unsigned, and uploaded using the form below. Entries must be received on-line by 1st February 2024 and each poem or story must be typed, but unnamed and sent either as a Word or pdf file to by 1st April 2024. The entries will be adjudicated digitally and the results posted on the CFPA social media channels during the Festival.  Trophies will be awarded at the Lyric Championship event. POETRY: Not to exceed 3 minutes reading time each. Limit: 3 poems per person. The fee shown is per poem.
SD107 Poetry Own Composition – School Year 6 and under. £7.00
SD108 Poetry Own Composition – School Years 7 to 11. £7.00
SD109 Poetry Own Composition – Open. £15.00
STORYWRITING: Limit: 3 stories per person. The fee shown is per story.
SD110 Original Storywriting – School Year 6 and under. Maximum 500 words £7.00
SD111 Original Storywriting – School Years 7 to 11. Maximum 750 words. £7.00
SD112 Original Storywriting – Open. Maximum 1000 words. £15.00
The latest date for sending your composition is 1st April. Please Note: Your on-line entry payment will be acknowledged by reply email and, after your composition has been emailed to, you will receive another email to confirm its safe receipt.