Dance Rules


All General Rules apply to the Dance Classes. Click here to view


The Festival is not liable for any copyright infringement caused by CD recordings supplied by the performer.


The Festival requires music on CD. There should be a single recording on the media. Music to be played by officials only. The quality of recording will be taken into account. It is advisable to have a backup CD.


A Performer may not perform the same Dance in more than one Class.


In the Group classes, all performers must be on the stage and active during the major portion of the dance.


Performers may not dance more than once in any Solo Class. In Duets a performer may only enter one Classical Class and one Cabaret Class, and likewise in Trio classes.


No School may enter more than 3 groups in the Group Classes, and a group must consist of at least 5 persons.


Performers may not transfer to another Class without prior permission from the Festival Office.


Cabaret Duets, Trios and Group classes may include song but should not include vocal on the backing track.


In Tap Classes ‘standard’ taps (single sound) only must be used.


Pointe work is not permitted for any performer under 13 years of age.


Performers will be allowed to re-dance but will not be eligible for first, second or third place.


Individuals shall not be eligible to perform at the Festival if they have changed dancing schools since 1st September in the year prior to the Festival.  Note:  This rule is in place to allow sufficient time, after an individual has moved to a new dance school, for the dancer’s performance to be appropriately developed by the new teacher, thereby safeguarding the dancer’s physical and psychological wellbeing.


Individuals attending full time vocational dance schools are not eligible to enter.


A Novice is a performer who has not gained 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any solo section at a comparable Festival. Song is not allowed in the Novice Section.


Titles for National and Character dances must be brief and succinct.


Competitors will not be allowed to dance out of section under any circumstances


In the interest of safeguarding, no watching of performances from the Town Hall balconies will be allowed.