Our Team

The Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts is run by a dedicated group of individuals through a number of Committees that meet throughout the year.

President John Rawson    
Vice Presidents Joan Bell    
  Valerie Walsh    
  Daphne Nutland    
  Rod Davis    
  Allan Gillespie    
  Dame Felicity Lott    
Honorary Life Member Shirley English
Executive Committee:    
Chairman Garth Barnes * 07985 601514
Vice Chairman Janice Keen * 07981 847825
Treasurer Duncan Hooper * 07745 309505
Hon. Secretary currently vacant  
Vice President Allan Gillespie * 07974 810222
Dance Secretary Carol McDowall * 01242 514 582
Music Secretary David Terry * 01242 700 000
Speech & Drama Secretary Rebecca Vines * 07891 795 586
Development Officer Fiona Crouch * 07813 089547
Stewards Coordinator Frances Watson 01242 234976
Friends Secretary Patricia Hemming 07541 237872
Cups & Medals Judy Kelly  
  * charity trustees  
Committee Members    
Dance Julia Davies, Wendy Finch, Mary Hemming, Helen Roberts, Tina Rodger  
Music Vicki Beauregard, Sally-Anne Davies, Phillippa Harrison, Penny Liddiard, Helen McNaught  
Speech & Drama Shirley English, Patricia Hemming, Louise Partridge, Phillipa Phillips, Emily Samways, Suzanna Segura, Helen Di Tomaso, Pauline Travers