The Festival is supported by a number of local schools and we understand how important arts and culture is to developing well rounded individuals.

The Arts Council England make the point well in their Create report:

Taking part in arts and culture activities increases skills such as confidence, teamwork and communication. Skills that are invaluable to academic performance, the world of work, and our personal lives. Everyone should enjoy the thrill of creativity. Whether that’s learning to appreciate music, enjoying a stage performance or expressing themselves through performance, writing, or art.

  • 78 per cent of children who took part in the first year of the daily music programme In Harmony, showed improved performance across all subjects.
  • 78 per cent of adults agree that skills learned through arts and culture are useful in other parts of life.
  • Children from low-income families who take part in arts activities at school are three times more likely to get a degree.

A true arts-based education will make children wiser and more reflective and academic learning more productive and harmonious. It will equip our children with a wide range of skills they need to flourish in the modern workplace. And it will turn out young men and women who will be happier humans.